I offer a planning service for flight-free travel , showing you where to go and giving advice on how to have the best trip possible. However, TXE is not a package trip provider, and I only do this part-time


With a TXE trip plan, you book your own travel and keep all the actual tickets yourself. The advantage is that this keeps the whole thing cheap for you, and keeps you in control of your trip.



I charge at a simple per-day rate of €12 for the first two days, €11 for the next two days, and €10 for every subsequent day. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Minimum trip length = 2 days

Maximum trip length = 28 days

For groups larger than 4 people (including children), I charge €5 extra per dayLarger groups make planning trips by train, bus, or ferry more complicated. For example, sleeper cabins and seats around train tables tend to have four spaces each. 


How to Book

Make an inquiry by email here , and fill out  this Google Form . Once we agree on the outline of your trip, you pay half the total cost as a non-refundable deposit. When you receive the plan and any adjustments have been made, you pay the other half. While prices are quoted in Euros, many other currencies are an option , eg GBP, DKK, USD.


Days Total Cost Per Day
2 €24 €12
3 €35 €11.66
4 €46 €11.50
5 €56 €11.20
7 (1 week) €76 €10.86
14 (2 weeks) €146 €10.43
21 (3 weeks) €216 €10.29
28 (4 weeks) €286 €10.21

What Trip Plans include



A Google Map overlay showing your route,  making everything easy to visualize


An explanation of each step in  your journey,  broken down into manageable sections


Showing you where to book each leg of your trip. Saves you time and avoids mistakes later !


Showing the cost of each leg and the trip total


Know where and when you'll have access to the  internet and chances to charge your devices while on the go


Advice, Suggestions, & Themes


Do you have ideas for flight-free travel, but need advice on some of the details? Places you want to explore without flying, but you don't know where to start?

I can offer guidance and suggestions before planning your next flight-free trip!


Maybe you want  a summer holiday in the French countryside, but aren't sure where to start - maybe you have a business trip coming up and want to know what sightseeing you could tag at the end of it.

Train X Europe can help - just send an email  or contact us via social media! 


That includes trips with a theme to them. If you want to develop a trip to explore a niche or passion of yours, I can suggest options before planning your flight-free travel.


Maybe you...

  • Love castles, and want easily rail-accessible options?

  • Could taste every cheese in the south of France?

  • Want to see the Dutch tulip fields, the roses of Bulgaria, or Lithuania's daffodils in full bloom? 

  • Are you visiting every country and need to check off Europe's micronations: Andorra, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Monaco...?

Let your imagination run wild!

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