Working with Byway

As I'm only one person with a full time job elsewhere, I won't always have time to plan longer or more complex trips. Often, flight-free travel from the UK also takes extra effort and costs more than in the rest of Europe. If you're looking for a more slick, expansive plan which includes accommodation and booking all your travel as a package deal, then you don't need my services - you need Byway .


Byway has grown significantly in the last year - they now have tonnes of different flight-free trips on offer form the UK. Crucially, they now have the option to customize trips, so while it costs more than one of my TXE travel plans, you do now get customisability as well as a single booking including accommodation and travel


As I said, Byway are UK based - so they won't have options for flight-free trips from France to Sweden, for example. However, if you like the sound of what they offer, then please consider using my Byway affiliate link  here . It costs you nothing and supports Train X Europe!